GML Code Auto-Formatter

Found this on the steam forums, useful tip if like me you like to have your gml code nicely formatted, you can use the site:

to format your code.


GML Code Auto-Formatter :: GameMaker: Studio General Discussions


Virtual Keys, Ads and GUI Size in GameMaker

Just a quick note about making sure virtual keys and ads are placed where you expect in your GameMaker game. If you have something like this in a 960×540 resolution game:

virtual_key_add(0, 420, 256, 120, vk_left);
virtual_key_add(704, 420,  256, 120, vk_right);

which places two virtual keys towards the bottom of the screen, then you’ll need to call display_set_gui_size(960,540) (or whatever your game’s resolution is) to ensure the keys are placed at the same relative position for devices with different resolutions. The same goes for placing ads on the screen.

My Global Game Jam ’14 Submission

Bat Sagas: An Auditory Adventure

This was my submission for the 2014 Global Game Jam. The theme this year was “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” Somehow I ended up at a game where you can’t really see anything at all. You take on the role of a bat (which by the way bats aren’t really blind in real life) and fly through the forest using only audio feedback to navigate the trees.

It was a fun challenge to build a game with no visuals and I also discovered an entire genre of games for the visually impaired or just those who want to be immersed in an auditory experience.

The game is far from perfect, but for my first game jam project I’m quite proud of the results.

3 General Principles

From the book HTML5 Game Development with GameMaker, there are 3 keys to increasing the perceived quality of your game:




Like many other things in life, it’s the extra attention to detail that makes your game standout.