Setting up a USB turntable in Ableton Live with USB Soundcard

While trying to get my mini studio setup I ran into a problem when I hooked up my ion USB turntable. The default audio driver for the turntable is MME/DirectX, so the only way to monitor it inside of Ableton Live was to change the driver type to the slower MME/DirectX instead of ASIO. Luckily, there’s a workaround if you use ASIO4All. Once you install ASIO4All, you can create a ‘hybrid’ interface and select the turntable as your input and your USB soundcard as the output (in my case the M-Audio MobilePre) and you get the benefits of lower latency ASIO drivers. Just go to the audio tab in Preferences, select ASIO for Driver Type, ASIO4All v2 for Audio Device and then click the Hardware Setup button. This will open up the ASIO4All config panel, my settings ended up looking like this:

ASIO4All Config

(click to zoom)

The only catch is that the inputs on the soundcard will be disabled, since I’m not recording through the soundcard this doesn’t pose an issue for me. So I’m back to sampling my old records 🙂